Stephanie Dumont

My Background: I worked for a large Corporation for 10 years leading marketing and sales for both consumer and B2B brands. Corporate life was starting to wear on me, and the idea of working for a small business, in particular a startup where I would have a direct impact on the business and the ability to drive real growth, was really exciting. When I learned more about the work that PRIA was doing, not only for the industry and to drive innovation but how their work impacts patients, I was sold.

My Goal with PRIA: My goal is to help PRIA grow. Despite having no experience in healthcare or insurance, I have been able to bring my expertise in marketing, communications, sales, and operations to the organization. Working in a highly technical and very fast-paced environment for most of my career has enabled me to innovate and take our operational processes to the next level. We have really sharpened our internal processes, streamlining our operations and organizational structure to be more efficient and productive in pursuit of our mission.

My Motivation: PRIA has so much potential and opportunity within the market, we just need to scream from the rooftops and let the industry know who we are and what we do. With increased awareness we can positively impact more patients and enable more innovation in the healthcare industry. In the end, this saves and improves lives worldwide.

On a Personal Note: I’m an adventure seeker—I love to travel and experience new things, people and places.