Tom Keating

My Background: After a successful 15 years in the medical device industry in sales, sales leadership, and program management with a Fortune 500 company, I chose to join PRIA to help build a company that directly addressed one of the largest problems in the medical device market.

My Goal with PRIA: To build teams and solutions that solve real-world market-access problems to ensure that providers and patients gain access to the right technology at the right time.

My Motivation: I had launched dozens of patient-centered innovative technologies in to the market and experienced first-hand the efforts of insurers who attempt to slow the adoption and commercialization of innovative procedures.

Left to their own resources, physicians were increasingly becoming more frustrated by their lack of access to new technology. Patients were suffering and, in some cases, receiving care that was outdated and behind the curve due to aggressive insurers whose main goal seemed to be the denial and delay of a new standard of care.

I was confident that with a centralized function to fight back against insurers and support the introduction of new technology, we could accelerate the adoption and acceptance of new procedures and impact thousands of patients’ lives.

On a Personal Note: I’m a father of two middle-schoolers who are involved in just about every sport or activity there is. I enjoy coaching a variety of sports teams throughout the year and personally enjoy hiking and skiing with my family when at all possible.