We Put Medical Decision-Making Back in Your Hands

We believe doctors should have the ability to determine the best medical treatment for their patients without having to worry about whether those treatments will be covered by insurance. We can help you regain control of the care you provide.


Solving the Payer Problem

Medical innovation has saved innumerable lives, but in the current state of the healthcare industry, adoption of new medical technologies is often blocked by a faulty reimbursement system that denies claims because the service is "experimental" or "investigational." We help you and your patient challenge negative coverage policies, so you can provide the best care for your patients.


How We Support Your Efforts

When your office enrolls with PRIA Healthcare via a Medical Device Patient Access Program, we collect patient and clinical information, add it to our HIPAA-compliant system, provide prior authorization support, oversee the reimbursement appeal process and manage all communication with the payer—all on the patient’s behalf. We work directly with your office staff while providing them with real-time updates and case results.

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Provider Participation

We work with more than 12,000 medical practices and facilities to give physicians access to the best medical technologies available.

Our Record of Success

Although we deal with many procedures that have explicit negative coverage policies in the market, if you and your patient(s) stay with us throughout the process, approximately 3 out of every 4 patients ultimately receive approval for the procedure.

The PRIA Team

We are healthcare professionals with years of experience working with medical device manufacturers and insurance payers. We know how to get results.

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