Our Mission

Every day, PRIA is motivated by the fact that what we do is positively changing and sometimes saving lives. Through consistent, centralized, and data-driven messaging and communication, we aim to accelerate market adoption of innovative medical devices, procedures, and treatments, so that patients receive the care they need and providers can do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Our Values

  • Be A Perpetual Learner
    In the ever-changing, unceasingly chaotic healthcare industry, it is vital that we remain dedicated, curious students—always asking, seeking, absorbing, and observing so we can apply new information in creative, never-before-seen ways to stay three steps ahead of the competition.
  • Stay Endlessly Persistent
    We will persist until we succeed. For us, backing down in the face of adversity is not an option. Whether they know it or not, men, women, and children throughout the country rely on our courage and undying perseverance to make the best and most effective care accessible. We see it as our duty, then, to do whatever we possibly can to make that happen.
  • Always Push the Boundaries
    Our potential can only be as great as our willingness to defy the status quo, break down walls, and confidently forge ahead into uncharted territories. This is never the easy route, and successful innovation and growth have never—and will never—be easy, but together we must use every day as an opportunity to discover and pioneer new services and capabilities.
  • Embrace Individuality
    Two words, yet one damn hard thing to do. But not at PRIA, where individuality is not only encouraged—it is required. We know that the collection of all of our diverse backgrounds, quirky personalities, and assorted interests is what makes working at PRIA such an exciting, energetic, and fun experience. In fact, it is what makes us a family both in and outside of the office.
  • Remember Our Purpose
    Sometimes, we will win. Other times, we will lose. That is an indisputable fact about our business. But always remember to control what you can control and never forget the positive, life-changing impact our work has on our fellow human beings, their families, and their friends. So, when the day feels long and the bounces are not going our way, we stick together and move forward knowing what we do is changing lives for the better.