Medical Device Manufacturers

PRIA drives market adoption and payer coverage of innovative medical devices and procedures. Using patient and clinical data, as well as evidence of patient demand, we convince insurance companies to retire their negative coverage policies for in-demand medical treatments—accelerating the adoption and commercialization of innovative medical devices and procedures.

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At PRIA, we believe physicians are the only people who should be able to decide what type of care is appropriate for their patients. When a physician recognizes a patient need for an emerging medical procedure that is currently not covered, we build a program that helps accelerate the adoption of the device or procedure so physicians can successfully administer the care their patients need.

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When an insurance company denies coverage for a necessary medical device or procedure, PRIA fights to get insurance coverage for the treatments patients need, accelerating market access to medical devices that can save lives and restore people’s hope, happiness, and good health.

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About PRIA

PRIA is a healthcare management firm determined to combat the increasingly faulty and unpredictable reimbursement system, which is blocking innovation and preventing providers from giving patients the care they need. Our goal is to make the latest medical devices, treatments, and procedures available to physicians and patients nationwide.