We Remove Roadblocks to Innovation

You've defined an unmet medical need and developed an innovative product or procedure to meet that need. You've cleared all regulatory hurdles and are ready to meet growing demand, but your success depends on payer approval. That's where our medical device reimbursement strategy comes in.


Accelerating Innovation One Patient at a Time

The current reimbursement system penalizes innovation by denying many new procedures as experimental/investigational, preventing patients from gaining access to the care they need. This will continue to stifle innovation. Our patient-based approach to the appeals process will commercialize your product one patient at a time.


We Support Your Reimbursement Strategy

Trends in the healthcare industry are putting insurers in control of patient care rather than physicians. Our case by case approach amplifies the voice of the patient to ensure that payers recognize and feel demand for your procedure, supporting your overall medical device reimbursement strategy to overturn payer policy adoption. PRIA’s market access hub services model delivers data and transparency to support this effort.

See Our Process 

Patient Access Portal

We make it easy for your customers to build and document the medical necessity of your procedure patient by patient.

Analysis & Analytics

Real-time analytics and analysis; including provider segmentation, payer interactions and patient journey analytics will be at your fingertips 24/7.

Expert Case Management

Our healthcare team is made up of lifelong healthcare professionals and medical device advocates who know how the system works. We're dedicated to using our experience and expertise to get results.

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