Landscape Assessments & Strategy Development

  • Coding, coverage, payment assessment & analysis
  • Evidence review
  • Development of strategic reimbursement plan

Clinical Trial Reimbursement Services

  • Medicare IDE approval for reimbursement
  • Clinical trial site reimbursement on-boarding, education & materials development
  • Clinical trial authorization & appeals support
  • Collection of economic data to support future coding and payment strategies

Coding & Payment Initiatives for New Technologies

  • CPT®, ICD-10, HCPCS application process
  • New technology add-on payments
  • Transitional pass through payments

Medical Director

  • Payer advisory panels
  • Policy analysis and considerations for coverage
  • Payer insight into technology assessment and coverage decisions

Reimbursement Hotline Services

  • Customer on-boarding & education
  • Dedicated resource for customer reimbursement inquiries
  • Customer support for claim adjudication

Payer Engagement

  • Policy monitoring services
  • Targeted payer outreach for coverage
  • Value brief and evidence dossier development
  • KOL payer presentations

Everything we do, we do to convince payers to cover your medical device.

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